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Hooman Khodadoust

Hooman is a resourceful, innovative and committed Artist who has extensive experience of working with Architectures and Interior designers. He graduated professional interior architecture curses.  As a true professional and motivated self-starter he strives to create the highest quality experiences that appeal to global audiences. With the present employer he is involved in freehand drawing, screen-printing, and photography and darkroom procedures. He is committed to him own personal development and maintains her technical knowledge by regularly attending design workshops, reviewing professional publications and participating in professional societies. Right now he would like to establish a future with a growing, reputable company who are leaders in their field.

I was always enthusiastic to get ability to making everything’s in 3D such as (objects, cars, buildings…) etc.

And now I have more knowledge in many ways for design complicate objects in 3D, especially in modeling cars. I’m always pushing myself looking for useful software’s in my field and trying to learning them.


My goal is to keep pushing myself both at work and as an individual, keeping myself up to date in this industry which it’s been influencing me since I could hold a pencil.

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